About us

Vision IDZ is a 100% owned & operated West Australian Company that was established in 1996. It is by far the most successful card printer company with a customer base in excess of 250 sites.

The huge increase in the use of plastic cards for identification, accreditation, loyalty, security and commercial applications has increased the demand for excellence in plastic card technology. During the past 20 years Vision IDZ has supplied to Australia's leading Corporations, Government departments, Education, Health and the Mining Industry, state of the art Plastic Card Printers, Card Design Software, Photo and biometric capture devices, Supplies and Service.

Today, it is more important as to who you choose to provide a card issuance system rather than what brand you select and it is our philosophy to combine best of breed equipment and software supported by the most focused and dedicated team of technical and sales service staff available within Western Australia.

We welcome the opportunity to have you as a customer and trust that you will find our knowledge, guidance and dedicated focus to providing you with the best value for money system that we perceive is most suitable for your needs.