Consumables for ID card printers

Vision IDZ offers all the related accessories and consumables for your ID card printing needs, such as blank cards (PVC), ribbons and dye films, cleaning cards, lanyards, card holders and more.

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Dye Film
PVC cards

We only supply high grade PVC cards. Our range includes blank white (or coloured) cards, Magnetic stripe cards and smart cards such as the MIFARE® 1kb contactless cards.

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Blank PVC Cards

Blank PVC cards in a variety of colours. Same size as a credit card (CR80).

Holopatch Cards
Holopatch cards, suitable for hologram printing with the the Magicard Rio Pro printer.
Mag Stripe Cards

PVC cards with a magnetic stripe, HiCo or LoCo. Use your ID card printer to encode and print the card.

Paper Backed Adhesive Cards

Cards with adhesive back. Ideal for adhering to existing prox cards.

Ribbons & dye film

We stock a wide range monochrome and colour ribbons and dye films to suit Magicard, Hiti, Zebra, XID Edisecure and Datacard.

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Dye Film

Magicard Colour (YMCKO) dye film. 300 prints.


Hiti CS200e Colour ribbon, 400 prints.

Black Dye Film

Magicard Monochrome (Black) dye film, 1000 prints.

Card accessories

We stock a wide range of card accessories, including lanyards, soft and rigid cardholders, lapel clips, ID card zingers, and much more.

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Plain lanyards in a range of colours, or pre-printed lanyards. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Other Card Accessories

Lapel Clip

Lapel clips, ID card zingers, luggage loops.

Card Holders

Card Holder

Card holders available in durable soft or rigid plastic options. Landscape or portrait.