PayPal Payment

Make your Vision IDZ Online payment here by PayPal.

Please enter the Payment Reference number (8 digits, found in the "How to Pay" section of your invoice / order) and the amount to be paid in the form below, then click the PayPal Logo button to process your payment.

You will be re-directed to the PayPal site for payment processing.
Payment Reference Amount ($AUD) - Max $500
Minimum payment $10, Maximum payment $500. If you need to make a payment of more than $500, please use a different method of payment.

Enter the Amount as dollars and cents, e.g. 123.45 (do not use commas).

The Payment Reference field will only accept a valid reference number. If your reference number is not accepted, please check it against your invoice / order.

The payment will be made to “JENANDREW Pty Ltd”, being the holding company of Vision IDZ.